Are Your Antique Cufflinks Worth Anything?

antique cufflinks

Among items within an estate, you may inherit one or several sets of cufflinks. Cufflinks may not be the most fashionable collector’s item these days, but they can still be worth a nice amount, especially if they are gold or silver. There are some tell-tale clues that help you know if your antique cufflinks are worth much monetarily.

Determine if They Are Gold

Gold cufflinks are elegant and truly dress up an ensemble, which is why there are many fake gold cufflinks out there too. There are certain ways you can tell if your cufflinks are true gold or fake. In more modern times, gold products are required to have a stamp indicating the karat number and if the gold is overlaid (GO), filled (GF), or plated (RGP). You can usually find this information on the cufflink backs, but it might take some squinting or even a magnifying glass. If the gold on your cufflinks is worn away at the edges or stains your clothing, it’s likely fake.

Older cufflinks may not be stamped and you might have to take them to a jeweler to determine their metal makeup.

Who is the Designer?

Aside from the kind of metal used, the designer of the cufflinks can also add value. If your cufflinks were made by popular designers like Cartier, Tiffany, or Hermes, they are likely worth a nice amount. 

Costume Cufflinks

Some original costume-style cufflinks that are rarely seen today could be valuable, as well, such Alfred E. Newman cufflinks or Marilyn Monroe. Some companies have reproduced these original images, but the reproduced styles are not worth as much as the originals.

Cufflink Backs

You may have a genuine vintage pair of cufflinks where the backs have been updated to a more modern style for either ease of use or just to achieve a more modern look. These may or may not have value and are judged on a case by case basis.

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